(Rental contracts, compulsory sales and sales contracts, incorporations/association statements, statutes, contracts, letters, powers and other types of private legal documents) The calculation is done with a word processing software. For the number of pages, the number of pages on the basis of the standard page format is defined as: (birth certificates, marriage certificates, family cards, academic notes/degrees) From Rp500. per word in the original text for the English translation Indonesian according to the time indicated for the end of the project, the volume of the project and the degree of difficulty. High-tech-technical texts can be subject to special tariffs. (Judicial decisions, police investigation reports, etc.) Every extra work that comes with translation, such as.B. the creation and synchronization of layouts and image composition, is charged with a surcharge. Prices are negotiable and are subject to the difficulty level of the original text and the scope of the translation project. For a short time, the price may be higher than what is described above. If the calculation is not possible with software, the amount of text is defined by page or word based on our discretion estimate.