Class 1 and 2 costs cover all processing and contracting stages, and Class 3 would require an additional budget for Thames Water`s legal fees and investigations, which can amount to thousands of pounds more. In general, this is a condition for asking for construction promises when the building is: – 3 meters from a public channel — one metre from a public side drain Fortunately, the construction process on a domestic canal 160 mm in diameter or less is not so demanding. It is possible to apply for a self-certified construction contract online and obtain immediate confirmation, or to formally apply for an approved construction agreement for a specified fee. If you live in an area where LABC does not use the protocol (Cumbria, High Peak and Tameside) or if your certified inspector has not signed up for our protocol, contact us directly via our “Build over enquiry form” (PDF 576 KB will be opened in a new window). This should be sent to conservatories and extensions are the usual culprits when real estate is built over a supposed canal. If the construction work was carried out after the sewers were accepted and no construction contract was obtained before the work began, the local water authority has the legal right to enter the land to enter the sewers, even if this involves the deterioration or demolition of the building above the canal. While most local water authorities will try to avoid the damage, they have no obligation to return the property to its previous state. If a construction agreement has been reached, the water company has no right to remove or demolish the structure above the sewers and must repair all damage caused during access and repair of the presumed canal. A Thames Water Build over Agreement is a quality label for proposed work and will generally be required for all excavation work within 3 metres of a public canal or flow.

I must be aware that there are certain situations where it will not be allowed to be built by a canal. – Growing pipes are pressurized sewers that pump sewage or rainwater. The cost of bypassing or improving pumps is very high and would probably not be cost-effective for small projects. – Wells are not allowed inside the building due to the increased risk of flooding or odours. It must be moved outside the building to obtain permission. – Strategic Water Themse The canal`s enemies are the most important in the remediation infrastructure and cannot be built. The design of the structure must be adapted accordingly to avoid the effects on these pipes. – It is unlikely that a construction agreement will be granted for a new independent development.