This Service Level Agreement (SLA) is valid only between Rumahweb Indonesia and its customers. Customers of resellers or other parties who indirectly use Rumahweb Indonesia services but are not registered directly as customers are not entitled to this ALS. In order to create a harmonious relationship and maintain the coherence of the service, it is therefore necessary to make efforts to understand each other between the two parties, namely the creation of a service agreement (SLA). A service level contract does not guarantee that they will be respected and read by the customer. Sometimes someone places ALS in a place that is quite difficult to reach, so the client does not read the existing service level agreement. can be supported in calculating the costs of the managed services package. I am Suryanto from Indonesia in Palu City, I dedicate my time here because of the promise I made to LADY ESTHER PATRICK, who happens to be God, who sent lenders online, and I pray to God to see my position today. A few months ago, I saw a comment posted by a woman named Nurul Yudianto and how she had cheated to apply for a loan online, before GOD looked at her in the hands of Mrs. ESTHER PATRICK. I`m not going ESTHERPATRICK83@GMAIL.COM. I decided to contact NURUL YUDIANTO to find out if this is true and to guide me, how to get a loan from LADY ESTHER PATRICK, she told me to contact me with the lady. I insisted that he tell me about the process and the criteria that he described as very simple. By MRs.

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