Instead of sending your order form online, you can print out the form, fill it out and send it by mail, email or fax to the following address: In order to ensure both the dissemination and protection of Inderscience magazines, we ask authors to assign in their documents, including abstracts, copyrights worldwide, both in print media and in other media, including abstracts, to Inderscience. This allows us to guarantee copyright protection against infringements and to disseminate your article and our magazines as widely as possible. A. If so, the author`s employer may sign this agreement. The employer may reserve the right to use the article for internal or advertising purposes (indicating this agreement) and reserves all rights other than copyright. Once your article has been adopted, it is published in the Journal in classic print form and stored electronically, so that Inderscience can publish the journal online to meet the growing demand of the library and faculty and provide it as a single article copy or as part of a larger collection of articles to meet the specific requirements of a given market. The transfer of copyright involves Inderscience`s agreement to enter into such agreements. Inderscience Publishers allows users to reproduce material from our copyrighted content under certain conditions. You must obtain permission before you can reproduce this content. c.

the requirement for an electronic provision of research literature, whether online or on CD-ROM, can be managed effectively, with appropriate safeguards for authors, editors and magazine owners. Copyright Clearance Center 222 Rosewood Drive Danvers, MA 01923 USA Phone: `1-978-750-8400 Fax: `1-978-646-8600 E-mail: The author guarantees that the article is the author`s original work, has not yet been published and is not yet available for further published; and that the article contains no defamatory or illegal statements and that it does not infringe the rights of others and that the author, as copyright holder, is entitled to make such a transfer. Both are possible. New subscribers can customize their collection by selecting from one of our collections the magazines they want. The discounted prices for these collections and for our other collections are by email. In accordance with academic and professional protocols, Inderscience cannot accept an article if it is not the author`s original work, if it has already been published (but see our notes on conference papers) or currently being considered for publication elsewhere. The article must not contain defamatory or illegal language or in any way violate the rights of others. A full explanation of our ethical policies for authors (PDF) is available. The author must be the copyright holder and be entitled to sign the author`s copyright contract. By filing an article, the author fulfills these conditions. (N.B. Authors who wish to reproduce their own works should read our copyright information page to see the conditions imposed on them.

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