Choose the end date of the fixed area in the EKEK (EKEK-ABFDE) Data Model – Orders and Framework Agreements To get the delivery plan packaging mode first, enter the details, delivery plan number, item and call the condition number (KNUMH). With this condition number, you enter the KONP table and enter the condition number in KNUMH. This is the unique key in both tables. Here you get types of conditions. Now it`s becoming exciting (at least for data analysts): framework agreements such as quantity contracts, value contracts and delivery plans are not stored in their own tables, but also in the EKKO and EKPO tables. So don`t get confused by names or take them too literally. How can I see a list of appointment agreements that have outstanding quantities (i.e. not fully delivered by the supplier) for which the delivery due date (probably for supplier delivery) falls on or before the planning time of the corresponding planning equipment (we only have one material per appointment) It was in KONP,But there is no field of communication for each plan. Filter the top classifications that fall on or before the planning closes (the date of the business area): by clicking on the hat icon (head data – remember?), you get to where the target value of the contract is visible (in this case, of course, the sum of both elements). I will now take a closer look at the target values for articles and heads in framework agreements. A delivery plan is a long-term framework agreement between the seller and the customer on pre-defined devices or services obtained on pre-defined dates over a period of time. A delivery plan can be drawn up in two ways – I don`t want a bAPI. I only need a query between the tables.

Step 2 – Enter the name of the lender, the type of contract, the purchase organization, the buying group and the factory with the date of the contract. Step 4 – Indicate delivery date and target quantity. Click Save. The planning lines are now maintained for the delivery plan. The terms of a framework agreement apply up to a specified period and cover a pre-defined amount or value. To get the packaging mode for the delivery plan, go first to Table A016, enter the corresponding details, delivery number, item and call the packaging number (KNUMH). With this packaging number, enter the KONP TABLEAU and enter the packaging number in KNUMH. That is the clear key in both tables. Here you get types of conditions. Step 2 – Enter the delivery plan number.

VBAK – Get the details of VBAP items for these vbeln. Then with this game of non-condition and article chk the konP table. A contract is a long-term framework contract between a lender and a customer on a pre-defined equipment or service over a specified period of time. There are two types of contracts – Delivery Class: A – Application table with basic data and transaction View/maintenance via SM30: Authorized Extension Category i: Unclassified See here for more information on this extension and other categories of SAP extension – >Tabtable I need to restore the packaging types of the delivery plan.