Owners should also agree on the lifespan of the two dogs and the number of mating attempts during this period. It is usually the responsibility of the owner of the stud farm to ensure the welfare of the throughout the stud service. The owner of the dam should also have concrete certainty about what will happen in the event of non-pregnancy and whether the stud farm will be available for a second or even a third attempt. Sperm from a stud farm can be collected daily for 3 to 5 days. Remember to give your studs rest days, so you can avoid her sperm reaching exceptionally low levels that can affect pregnancy outcomes. Another factor that would affect the quality of your stud`s sperm is the frequency of breeding. Obviously, if you choose the choice of litter, you should wait until the puppies are 8 weeks old to collect your dog breeding costs. Breeding rights are set by the owner of the breeding dog. The method of payment may vary. The owner of the stud farm may charge a bar fee, “Pick of the Litter”, one or more puppies of the resulting litter, etc. The collection of stud fees is the responsibility of the owner of the stud farm.

The contract may provide that the father`s owner is not required to sign an application for registration of the AKC`s scope until the stolle fee is paid. Keep in mind that the AKC cannot resolve disputes between individuals over livestock contracts and agreements. A farm service contract is provided by the owner of the stud farm – it is a written agreement signed between the parent rod and the owner of the dam. The treaty guarantees the success of the breeding and ensures that the two parties that conclude the agreement respect the end of the agreement while protecting the health and well-being of the stud, mother and offspring. The contract must be signed by each owner and clearly state their service rights. Both parties will have expectations about what they want to benefit from the experience. The owner of the dam will usually be busy with the health, aesthetics and genes of a stud farm in order to make puppies with the desired qualities. The owner of the stud farm will also take care of the choice of the most complementary dam for his stud. In exchange for services, the owner of the stud farm receives a stud farm fee and, as a rule, the first collection of the litter is guaranteed if the breeding is successful. Although it seems a lot to put into a contract, the deeper you are, the better you are able to protect not only yourself and your stud, but each of its descendants brought into the world. If the pregnancy and delivery are successful, the contract must be detailed on the fact that the owner of the stud farm is required to complete the corresponding registration documents and return them to the mother`s owner. The paperwork should confirm when and where the mating took place and that the stud is the father of the puppy throw.

In addition, although the dam owner pays to receive a service, he must nevertheless meet the requirements in order for the process to proceed smoothly. They must also ensure that their mother is healthy, vaccinated and free of brucellosis – she must also be in season! It is also customary for the gallery fee to be paid before the interview and for the harness to refuse to start the interview until the tax is paid. Dam owners must also meet the agreed notice period in case of non-pregnancy if they need a return service. The age at which dogs reach sexual maturity depends largely on their breed.