I am Director of the Department of Anthropological Sciences and Director of the Mediterranean Institute. Anthropologist and psychoanalyst by profession. I strongly support the principle of collective representation as a linchpin of genuinely democratic working relationships. I believe that UMASA plays a crucial role in ensuring that changes in our working conditions and work environment occur with academics and are not imposed on them. I have been a member of the UMASA Council since 2015, having first been a pro and president of the federation from 2016. Cost of course divided by duration naturally in days and multiplied by the number of days of employment during the year for which it is registered for the course While the debit card remains the property of the University of Malta, everyone will have designated a specific bank account for him. For executives, the annual allocation of working resources is deposited into the bank account of the debit card at the beginning of the calendar year. The allowance for academics is tabled at the beginning of the study year. Professor Mule`Stagno is Director of the Institute of Sustainable Energy. He holds a Ph.D. in physics from Missouri University of Science and Technology and has graduated in science and technology since 2009. After his phD, he worked for 12 years at Sunedison Semiconductor (now Global Wafers).

His last position was as Director of the Worldwide Lab Organisation. He returned to Malta in 2007 and was CEO of Heritage Malta for three years before entering university. Professor Mule`Stagno is also vice-president of Din L-Art Helwa and very active in the field of cultural heritage and the environment. As a general rule, the Committee will report within two weeks of the expiry of the appropriation application deadlines set out in the guidelines. 6.1.2. The validity of the receipts is as follows: the number of days of employment in the year for which they request a refund, divided by 365 and multiplied by the maximum amount by category In the event of an agent`s withdrawal, category B claims are calculated in proportion to the duration of the course, which is valid only for the duration of the employment. This is calculated according to the following formula: the protection of academic freedom, the promotion of quality education and the improvement of working conditions of university staff Staff who have reached retirement age, who have been in service for 10 years or more and who have sufficient remaining funds spent under the work fund , can benefit from an annual ceiling of 150 euros above an additional ceiling for a given category.