The mission, which also includes the ports of Salif and Ras Issa, leads and supports the Commission for the Coordination of Redistribution, which is responsible for monitoring the ceasefire, troop redistribution and mine action. The Council unanimously adopted Resolution 2481 (2019) and reaffirmed its mandate to the United Nations Mission in Support of the Hodeidah Agreement (UNMHA), which it established on 16 January 2019 by Resolution 2452 (2019) (see press release SC/13664). The draft resolution endorses the composition and operational aspects of the mission proposed by the Secretary-General and establishes the mission for a first six-month period with the following four-point mandate: the Secretary-General has proposed the creation of a UN mission in support of the Hodeidah Agreement, which includes up to 75 UN observers and other support staff. It would be headed, according to the proposal, by General Patrick Cammaert as chair of the Redeployment Coordination Committee (RCC), which includes representatives of the Yemeni government and the Houthis and was established by the Hodeidah Agreement to oversee its implementation. Last month, Mr. Cammaert arrived in Yemen with a team in advance that the Council approved for 30 days in Resolution 2451 to begin to monitor and support the implementation of the Stockholm Agreement. Tomorrow morning (16 January), the Security Council is expected to adopt a resolution on the creation of the UN mission to support the hodeidah agreement (UNMHA). After the first consultations between the P5, the United Kingdom shared the draft resolution with the council as a whole on 11 January. On the same day, the members of the Council met for a first reading of the text.

Members had until yesterday afternoon (14 January) to speak. The draft resolution adopted a procedure of silence today (15 January) and is now blue. It calls on UN member states, particularly neighbouring countries, to support the implementation of the UNMC mandate. Plenipotentiary staff: up to 75 observers and additional staff with a range of property expertise, Administration/Support and Security By the same resolution, the Security Council called on the Secretary-General to submit proposals by 31 December 2018 for the United Nations to fully support the implementation of the Stockholm Agreement, including substantial monitoring of the ceasefire and the redistribution of troops. He also appointed the United Nations to chair the Coordination Committee for Redistribution (CSR), which was established to oversee the ceasefire and the redistribution of troops. The Secretary General has appointed retired Major General Patrick Cammaert (Netherlands) as President of the RCC. Cammaert arrived in Hudaydah on 22 December 2018 with an advance team and began providing UN support for the implementation of the Stockholm Agreement. As indicated by the mission`s full name, UNMHA was established to support last December`s Hodeidah agreement for a ceasefire in Hodeidah governorate, and the redeployment of Houthi rebel and Yemeni government forces from the port city of Hodeidah and nearby smaller ports of Saleef and Ras Issa.

The agreement is part of the broader Stockholm agreement, which also included a prisoner exchange mechanism and a declaration of agreement on the city of Taiz, which have not made significant progress. The Hodeidah agreement helped to avert a major battle for the Houthi-held city and ports that could have cut off access through what is traditionally Yemen es most important entry point for imports, including food and fuel, and would thus worsen the humanitarian crisis.