The adoption worker receives written documentation of the delivery for verification by the DAG, which is assigned to the local office, and for filing in the child`s file. “Legal Parent”: anyone married at the time of conception and/or birth of the child or related to the birth mother through a partnership or domestic partnership. If the legal parent does not plan to care for the child, CP-P must try to get a discount from the legal parent. If the legitimate parent cannot be established or refuses to sign a discount, parental rights termination is introduced: In rare cases, a parent can contact the service and request planning for the adoption of their child. In these cases, the surrender may take place without judicial participation, after consultation with the Assistant Attorney General (DAG). The delivery of the birth mother and one of the following: – The handover of custody can only be carried out by certain members of the adoption staff. They can be taken anywhere (for example. Local, hospital, prison/prison) with witnesses present, including a notary. Defines “Surrender of Custody and Consent for Adoption” and the two types of voluntary, general and identified capitulations; and a VSG contract terminates the rights and obligations of the person giving guardianship to the child.

This section contains provincial policies and standards for the voluntary transfer of guardianship. It applies to child and family services. When executing an identified surrender, follow the same policies, procedures and forms as in a “standard” of surrendering custody, which is above, surrendering custody and consenting to adoption. In addition: If the mother`s close mother is a minor, you encourage the mother to discuss her plans for the child with her parents or legal guardians. Have parents or legal guardians assist parents in signing the discount and document their presence by signing the form CP-P 14-86e, a form of refined issuance for parents under the age of 18 – Form E: Form. A discount signed by a mother of all ages is valid, even if her parents or legal guardians do not agree with the plan or are being signed. For more information on filling out the form, see the CP-P Forms (NJ SPIRIT Legal Forms) manual. Accessed the NJS app form via create>Casework>Court/Legal>Options. Tell the parent that they can terminate the task of parental rights at any time as part of the proceedings. If the address of the missing father/parent is found during the investigation, inform the father/parent of the other parent`s plan to return the child and ask if he or she can take care of the child`s permanent custody.

Provide documents relating to the surrender of parental rights in a language that the parent understands, or a competent oral or verbal translation of the process of handing over parental rights in a language understood by the parent. If a decision is made to follow the TPR in accordance with N.J.S.A.