A SGYFN can also legislate on the direct taxation of its citizens in its country of residence. This tax power of the SGYFN also does not diminish the tax powers of the Government of Canada or the Yukon government. The Government of Canada and the SGYFN negotiated the coordination of the SGYFN`s tax laws under the existing federal tax system, as well as the extent to which the taxation power of the SGYFN can be applied to non-national or local communities. The Yukon government has also similar tax agreements with SGYFNs. Self-management agreements recognize SGYFN as governments (unlike Indian deeds) and create a framework for intergovernmental relations. Self-management agreements give SGYFNs the power to pass local or private laws on residential areas. A self-management agreement is not constitutionally protected in accordance with Section 35 of the Constitution of Canada on The Rights of Aboriginal Peoples. In order to avoid conflict between a SGYFN law and Yukon laws of general importance, any self-management agreement requires the NWSMS to consult with the Yukon government before passing legislation that it would reasonably foresee as an impact on Yukon legislation. Conversely, the Yukon government has an obligation to consult with the NWSMs before passing legislation that it would reasonably foresee as an impact on a SGYFN law.

In addition, the Yukon government may declare that a Yukon law no longer matters to all or part of the NHSS if a SGYFN law renders a Yukon law partially ineffective and inappropriate or unduly difficult to manage. The Salmon Subcommittee participated in and participated in discussions on the international bodies of the Salmon Pacific Treaty. Subcommittee members met with their U.S. counterparts at the Yukon River Panel in Whitehorse (December) and Anchorage (March) to discuss yukon River Basin management issues. Prior to these meetings, members of the Fisheries and Oceans Canada and Salmon Subcommittee met as a Canadian team. The Salmon Subcommittee allowed a meeting of the Yukon River Panel for the Salmon Subcommittee with Fisheries and Oceans Canada and the Yukon government prior to March. The Department continued to work with First Nations with traditional territories in southern Yukon to set up land use areas for that territory.